Thrones of Dust: The Reclamation

Thrones of Dust is the story of four old kingdoms, fighting old wars and dealing in old politics, while the borders of their lands have become frayed at the edges. Not merely geographically, but in a very fundamental, planar sense. The edges of their worlds are under seige from without, from within, from Above, Below and Beyond. The battles against these incursions are tales of selfless heroism, of dark deeds and near hopeless odds. But most of all they are tales too quickly forgotten, lost or outright denied. They are vicious, secret battles, fought by unknown, unappreciated heroes, remembered only scholars and by those who lived through such trials.

The Reclamation is one such tale, set in the wilderness of Setour. It begins with adventurers and fortune-seekers in a woodland frontier dotted with abandoned cities and forgotten keeps; dregs of a declining country. They came seeking honor, glory, wealth, or out of duty. But, for a handful of brave souls, the reclamation of overgrown ruins turned into something far greater; a story of the rise, fall, corruption and redemption of civilization itself.

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This is a homebrew campaign running with the fine folks from FO (invitation only).

Thrones of Dust

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