Thrones of Dust

12th Session

The heroes are quickly embroiled in a long distance battle. Arrows whistle past and snap and clatter against the stone ruins as the Ettercaps move from cover to cover. One of the spider creatures takes a pair of grievous arrow wounds courtesy of Koteth, and is dropped by Samuel’s well thrown javelin as it tries to flee.

Samuel pushes the spider creatures on the northern part of the roof, pinning them down while Jacen and Arjhan work their spells. Meanwhile, Koteth moves south across one of the small bridges, crossing from the western side of the street to the rooftops on the eastern side. Jurak takes a nearly ill-fated flying leap from one rooftop to another, but manages to grab the ledge of the opposite building to avoid plummeting to the web choked street two stories below.

One of the wounded Ettercaps makes its way across the webbing spanning two rooftops, moving to the northernmost building of the street, obviously seeking to call for reinforcements. All efforts to restrain it fail and it reaches the door. In a last ditch effort, pulling his bow to the utter limit, Koteth fires an arrow from the southernmost building. The spider creature has a bare moment to glance up as the whistling arrow drops right into its head, fired with unerring Elven accuracy from a city block away.

The heroes gather up on the roof of the bank, resting and bandaging themselves as the stone serpentine architecture of the ruined lizardman city glares down at them. Carefully examining the rooftop entrance, the party disables a series of bells attached to the door itself that would have alerted the Ettercaps.

Down the stairs, the upper floor of the vault comprises a number of small interconnected rooms, filled with rotted crates and smashed pottery. The air is humid, and a sticky film of spider webbing covers most surfaces. The heroes can hear loud noises coming from the rooms beyond. Jurak kicks down a door into a larger room, catching a gang of Ettercaps by surprise. A pair of burly “Fang Guard” Ettercaps, with thick chitin and heavy bone axes. Between them, held by a chained collar is an enormous spider. Behind them, trying to direct the group to another door are a pair of smaller Ettercaps.

Fortunately for Jurak, Jacen was a bit faster on the uptake. Knowing he would be unable to fight and carry a torch at the same time, the young Chosen of Erathis lobs his torch into the room ahead, to light the party’s way. The torch sails and suddenly jerks to a stop in midair, the flames igniting the tangled mass of nigh-invisible webbing just ahead of Jurak.

Another bloody battle erupts, this one much more up-close and personal, with Jurak charging headlong into the fray. The room becomes a contested zone of sticky webs and holy light, with the Ettercap Web Priests spinning mass clumps of webbing, while Jacen maintains a wall of holy light to hedge in the Deathjump Spider. The fight is brutal and slow moving, but the heroes eventually prevail, crushing the Fang Guards and Web Priests. All the while, the sounds of battle also echo from the other side of a door on the far end of the hall, a door that these Ettercaps were heading to, probably as reinforcements. It looks like the adventurers aren’t the only invaders this day.

A brief post-battle pause to catch their breath is interrupted by an earth-shaking collapse from the area beyond the door. The heroes open the door to a cloud of dust, the thunder of collapsing masonry eventually dying out to a clatter of shattered stone. Rocks fell. People died.

The northern part of the hall is a mass of rubble, the stone floor split and buckled. A trio of wounded lizardmen have taken cover behind split and cracked pillars, as the bone arrows sail from the southern end of the dust filled hall. The torso and head of fourth lizardman and a gaggle of smashed and twitching Ettercap corpses can barely be seen poking out from under the tons of smashed masonry.

The lizard warriors barely speak common, just a smattering of words, but Arjhan steps forward (while keeping his head down to avoid being hit by the wildly shot Ettercap arrows coming from the south). Through words and tone and gestures, the Dragonborn manages to build a repore with the tribal creatures. There is a sense of palpable relief from both the heroes and the three remaining lizardmen; they have not encountered yet another enemy in the domain of the Ettercaps.



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