Thrones of Dust

14th Session

The heroes exited the city vaults to find the party of Lizardmen they had met earlier. The three are trying to open a heavy rusted gate into what appears to be an ancient sewage system, while the zombified remains of previous lizardfolk lurch down the street towards them. The heroes quickly dispatch the zombies, and help the lizardmen through the gateway, taking a short break before following them.

Once in the moldy, filthy sewers, the party avoids walking into a trap-filled ettercap ambush, opting to take a side passage instead. This leads them into a small family hive, where an Ettercap “Slaughter master” and its brood attack the interlopers. After a brief but bloody battle, Trax, seeking to fortify their current position, begins shifting large sections of collapsed masonry. Instead, he discovers a long sealed chamber, dating back to when the Lizardmen ruled the city, undiscovered by the ettercaps. The chamber, while empty, provides the party with a much needed resting place.

Jurak, however, takes a turn for the worse. He slips into a deep coma, feverishly muttering about “the voices”. The party, deep within enemy territory, has no choice but to leave him, secure in the secret chamber, until they can find a suitable escape route to take him back and have him cured.



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