Thrones of Dust

15th Session

Moving on beyond the secret chamber into a disgusting maze of offal and filth, the heroes were ambushed by living acidic slime and sludge that tried to digest them. Sadly, the most damage to the party was done by other party members; when Samule was engulfed and matted in acidic slime, his “friends” proceeded to open fore with all the magics at their disposal, greatly harming Samuel but leaving the slime mostly intact. Still, the heroes prevailed.

At the heart of the walls of filth they find an arcane web, a location of great power for the ettercap shamans. The desiccated bodies of the blackmarket traders hang in the glowing nexus of webs, drained of all life. There, scattered at the base of this nexus are the bodies of the defenders… and the bodies of the Lizardmen. Of the three lizardfolk, only their Cleric remains, battered, bloodied, but determined. He begins to pour poisons together, giving glory and praise to Zehir as he works. His target is an unconscious, but still living Eladrin. Obviously, the more civic-minded of the heroes intervenes.

The Cleric of Zehir warns the heroes of the War Crawler, a great beast under the control of the ettercaps. Creatures bound in this nexus of webs feed the beast, granting it unnatural strength. By the most blessed poisons of the mind, the cleric seeks to enslave the War Crawler to the will of the Lizardman empire. A heated exchange occurs, but the party refuses to sacrifice the Eladrin to the cleric’s plans. The lizarnman cleric flees, and the Eladrin, named Lasheous, is freed from his prison of webs. Which, obviously, greatly angers the War Crawler (don’t play with a monster’s food). The giant, armoured spider rumbles in, birthing vile larvae and spraying acid, yet without the sustenance that a living being grants it through the web nexus, the huge creature can barely dent Samuel’s shield. Riddled with arrows and scorch marks, slashed and pierced, the great armoured arachnid crumples to the ground. Tracing the passages back from where the beast entered, the heroes find an exit to the riverbank, escaping from the ettercap haunted city with the unconscious Jurak, their new ally Lasheous, and a considerable amount of wealth.



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