Jacen Farhold

"Erathis has laid down my path before me. I just wish she would hand me a map as well."


Jacen, level 8 Human, Invoker Build: Wrathful Invoker Divine Covenant: Covenant of Wrath

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 18, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 10.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 14, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 10.

AC: 22 Fort: 20 Reflex: 16 Will: 21 HP: 61 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 15

TRAINED SKILLS Diplomacy +9, Religion +9, Insight +14, Arcana +9, History +9

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +3, Bluff +4, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +7, Heal +9, Intimidate +4, Nature +9, Perception +9, Stealth +3, Streetwise +4, Thievery +3, Athletics +2

FEATS Invoker: Ritual Caster Human: Toughness Level 1: Implement Expertise (staff) Level 2: Action Surge Level 4: Staff Fighting Level 6: Initiate of the Faith Level 8: Improved Initiative

POWERS Bonus At-Will Power: Avenging Light Invoker at-will 1: Grasping Shards Invoker at-will 1: Divine Bolts Invoker encounter 1: Thunder of Judgment Invoker daily 1: Binding Invocation of Chains Invoker utility 2: Wall of Light Invoker encounter 3: Chains of Carceri Invoker daily 5: Lamentation of the Wicked Invoker utility 6: Demand Justice Invoker encounter 7: Rain of Blood

ITEMS Holy Symbol, Ritual Book, Magic Staff +2, Battle Standard of Might, Magic Chainmail +1, Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Pouch, Sunrod (4), Rations, Trail (10), Rope, hempen (50 ft.), Waterskin, Potion of Healing, Staff of Storms +2, Potion Bandolier RITUALS Hand of Fate, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Animal Messenger, Comprehend Language, Transfer Enchantment, Enchant Magic Item, Raise Dead, Disenchant Magic Item


This story occurs between sessions 16 and 17

It was way past midnight as Jacen suppressed his yawn. He looked around the table at the others, and Samual gave him a knowing look and a brief smile. Samual then held up his hand, cutting both Koteth and Lasheous short in their argument. “All right gentlemen, I think we have gotten as far tonight as we can. We will head out in the morning, and finish this discussion while on the road.” After seeing nods from all around the table, Jacen began gathering up the various pitchers, cups, mugs, plates, and wine glasses that an adventuring group can go through while discussing things late into the night. They had built up quite a bit of good will with Marta, the innkeeper here, and Jacen wanted to keep it that way if possible. He placed them just inside the kitchen, and then turned to look at the others. Lasheous and Koteth were taking one last look at the map they had laid out on the table. Samual and Arjhan were deciding what to do with Moss. He had only joined the Reclaimers earlier that day, and no one had thought to bring up room arrangements with him. Jacen shook his head. “Just put him in my room. It probably won’t be the first time he’s woken up on a strange floor somewhere.” Arjan grunted as he lifted the unconscious dwarf onto his shoulders, showing off a bit of his dragon born strength. “For a dwarf, you’d think he’d be able to hold his liquor a bit better.” he remarked as he shifted the dwarf on his shoulders for better weight distribution. The entire group got a bit of a chuckle out of that as they all headed up the stairs, or out the door in Koteth’s case. Jacen had never quite understood the elf’s need to sleep up in a tree at night. Once upstairs, Arjan deposited Moss’ sleeping form on the floor of Jacen’s room, while Jacen set the lantern down on the small desk that was really the only other furniture in the room besides the bed. He bid Arjan good night and quietly shut the door, not wanting to wake the rest of the inn. He then went to his pack and pulled out several books as well a well worn deck of cards. He held them in his hands briefly, then put the cards and the book of rituals and his prayer book back in the bag. He didn’t think fortune telling would help him at all. Not tonight, not with what he already knew. He sat at the desk and stared at the flickering lantern for a few minutes before reaching for the book he had left out of his pack. It had been surprisingly cheap from an Ibacovian merchant in town, but he still wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do with it. He finally opened the book up to the first page, picked his quill out of the ink, and began to write.

I fear that these coming days and weeks will be trying times, and hope that these writings will assist any who find them. My name is Jacen, I was born in the small village of Farhold, in the province of Rivemar, formerly of the Kingdom of Setour. I was raised by a retired wizard by the name of Waylin. I was never told who my mother or father were. In my sixteenth summer, I was granted a vision of the goddess Erathis, and was gifted with a divine power I as of yet do not fully understand. In the months since, I have traveled and done much, and recently joined up with a group of adventurers. We have accomplished much, but I fear we have not yet done enough. Some nights ago, I received another vision, and it’s meaning has shocked me to my core. I found myself standing in a great circular room, with a high ceiling held up with huge stone columns. In the center of the room, Erathis, the Guiding Light of Civilization, lies apon a bier. Two angels stand on either side flanking her. The Goddess doesn’t move, one of Her arms lies off to the side, and a chalice lies dropped from Her out stretched hand. Wine has spilled from the chalice, and from the pool snakes slither outward and move towards the doors of the room. As I try to move towards Her, the angels block my way, and I hear Her voice in my mind. She tells me I must continue to shine Her light into the darkness, and that I must find a way. I ask Her, plead with Her, to tell me what to do, yet She simply tells me again I must find a way. The vision ends as I ask Her once again to tell me what I must do. After some research I have come to the conclusion the Earthis was brought low by the intervention of the snake god of assassins, may devils curse his name. It happening hundreds of years ago, when the lizard man nation once again took control of this area. Erathis has been lying near death for close to five centuries, yet She still has the power to grant me the divine spark to invoke her name.

Jacen stopped writing for a moment, startled by a noise behind him. Moss snorted again, then turned his sleep, mumbling something about a combination of powdered skunk bones and chicken offal. Jacen then turned back to his writing.

I have not yet discussed my discoveries with any others as of yet. They might think me mad, or just a delusional doomsayer. I believe that in my discussions with him, that Father De Varda may suspect that I have stumbled on something such as this, and my friend Arem may have his suspicions as well. However, I dare not yet tell my companions of my conclusions, but when the time comes, I believe that they will help me find what I must do.

Jacen Farhold

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