Bertrand Deauvert

Charismatic duelist, one of the leaders of the Valentile revolutionaries


Bertrand was the leader of the market street revolutionary group until that cell was disbanded when their headquarters was raided and subsequently burned to the ground.

With his unkempt hair, unshaven features and rough dress style, one would take him for a dock worker, yet is the son of one of the richest merchants in Valentile. He has a painfully scarred and blackened right hand from when he used a Demon-marked blade to kill its demonic owner, an act that has earned him the nickname “Blackhand”. He has been involved in a torrid, complicated and emotionally charged relationship with Ammeline Lachase for years.

An expert duelist, he is hesitant to show off his prowess, relying instead on his charm and wits. This has led a lot of unfortunate thugs and guards to underestimate him. Bertrand also paints, favoring riverside landscapes and tasteful nudes (mostly of Ameline). He feels great sorrow at having to leave his paintings in the inn/headquarters when it was raided.

Bertrand Deauvert

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