Jakob the Mason

Rude, xenophobic thug, unofficial leader of the local workers in the Tylmer region


Jakob is a thickly built man in his thirties, with overly long hair, poor hygiene, heavily calloused hands, and blotchy skin from repeated sunburns. Despite his prominent gut, Jakob is solidly built and heavily muscled; years of intense labor and a penchant for brawling have made him quite strong.

Born and raised in the Tylmer region of Rivemar, Jakob has earned his position as the unofficial leader of the Tylmer masons and laborers through persuasion, threats and bullying. The workers, as a whole, are little more than his gang.

Jakob combines the xenophobia of his countrymen with a strong belligerent streak and the confidence of a gang leader and bully. While most small-town commoners of Setour hold a deep and abiding distrust of foreigners, especially non-humans, Jakob takes it a step further into outright racism. His insulting and demeaning attitude to non-humans makes for a very hostile environment, especially since the arrival of the other three nations in “the land of his people”.

After the Autumn Festival, Jakob was kidnapped and subjected to a slow bleeding ritual at the hands of the Briare Cult, people who he thought of as friends and countrymen. He was eventually rescued by The Reclaimers, a reclamation/adventuring group which he and his gang had repeatedly harassed for having foreigners, elves, halflings and dwarves as members. To be rescued from his own countrymen by foreigners and non-humans had a profound effect on Jakob’s outlook on life.

Jakob the Mason

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