Joseph Belarc

Also known as "Lucky" Joe. Master bowyer of Briare


Joseph Belarc, known as “Lucky” Joe, is an elderly bowyer who grew up in the Tylmer region of Rivemar, in the wooded community of Briare. His skill in crafting bows is nearly legendary, though he has made only a few that he himself would consider “masterpieces”.

Despite the terrible performance at games of chance that earned him his name, Joseph has always pushed his luck in life. He underwent the journey into the Goldenwood Valley and came out with an enchanted branch that made a masterpiece bow for his son, who went on to become a famous traveling mercenary in the east. Greedily, he returned some years later, wanting to make himself a bow as well. He escaped the valley a second time, but lost his lower leg to the Guardian of the valley. Instead of a bow he carved himself a prosthetic leg from the enchanted wood; one so supple, flexible and imbued with magic that it acted just like a real leg, yet granted him far more mobility and speed.

When his wife was dying from fever, Joseph turned to the entity that Briare worshipped, the spirit buried under the town. He prayed to that being, as so many of his fellow townsfolk did in past times of need. It offered him a deal; a holy symbol, carved of the bark of the Goldenwood tree. It would represent the final covenant between the town and the spirit dwelling beneath. So, much older and frailer than before, yet augmented with his wooden leg, Lucky Joe ventured into the Goldenwood Valley a third time.

His wife succumbed to the fever while he was away. Though he was victorious in recovering the wood, he was ultimately defeated. Despite that, Joseph carved the symbol the spirit had demanded, yet, when the time came to say the phrase that would complete the symbol and bind it, he hesitated. He still carries it with him, unbound, testament to his wife. He swore he would never carve another bow.

At the Last Stand of Briare, Joseph befriended an elven ranger from the Reclaimers who he felt had the same skill and affinity for the bow that he saw in his son. After the people of Briare were moved into Tylmer Keep, and the spirit they worshiped was released to walk the world again, Joseph set about reestablishing his trade, renewed by the liberation of the trapped spirit and by the potential of his new elven friend.

Joseph Belarc

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