Marik Thain

Commander of Tylmer Keep


A retired knight in the service of Tir’Heth, Marik was appointed as commander of Chateau-sur-Tylmer, deep in the frontiers of Rivemar. Despite his age and failing health, he remains a sharp-witted leader and an inspirational presence.

Marik has seen many wars in the service of Tir’Heth. His order was on the front lines during the Storm of Stone campaign, and he was one of the few surviors of the last great battle during the Lothan Rebellion. Most importantly, he was part of the famous Silver Phoenix company, and has seen the vast, terrifying depths of the Underdark. He had hoped that retirement would be peaceful, but the Patron family of his Holding was far too threatened by the prestige and reputation (and wealth) he accumulated through years of heroic military service, and arranged for him to be moved.

Marik is a widower, his wife having passed away many years ago. Of his three children, two are still alive; one a Tir’Hethan dignitary, the other converted to the worship of Bahamut and joined their knighthood. Marik has a total of seven grandchildren, four girls and three boys. The oldest, a lad of 15 summers, has come to the Fort to train as a guardsman.

Marik Thain

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