Renault "the Runner"

A smuggler, drug runner, black market dealer, fence, drug addict and revolutionary


Renault is a professional “runner”. He deals in drugs, weapons and other contraband, mostly, though he does also act as fence, a spy and a terrorist, as situations demand.

Renault is in his early thirties, well built if a little lanky, with a proud mustache and goatee. He has a thick Setouran accent, is a rather sleazy womanizer, enjoys singing (despite being utterly tone deaf) and drawing (despite having the artistic talent of a brick).

Ever since he was 8, Renault has lived the life of a smuggler. His father was a prominent Diabolist, and young Renault began selling his father’s spell components on the black market. At the age of 12, Renault joined the Pale Thorns, a pro-demon secret police. For a number of years, he dealt in opium and other drugs, using the money and leverage he gained over the addicts to root out conspirators against the demonic occupation.

He eventually became addicted to opium himself, spiraling downwards into uselessness, and was subsequently discarded by the Pale Thorns. Before his former colleagues could eliminate him, Renault was rescued by Bertrand, who had the drug-addled man moved to a safe-house where he spent months purging himself of his addiction.

Renault is now a loyal if unpredictable ally of the resistance, acting as a courier between the various cells. He still struggles with his opium addiction.

Renault "the Runner"

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