Seraphine Wintersun

A regal middle-aged woman, ex-wife of Sir Samuel, informant and ally of the Valentile resistance


Seraphine currently lives in the Canal district of Valentile, and provides a safe house for the resistance there. She acts as an informant, passing along news of troop movement and information about various government officials or upcoming events.

She is a tall, slender, middle-aged woman, with the proud air of a noble. Her hair, once flame red, has gone silvery white over the years. Her few wrinkles serve to highlight her maturity, rather than making her simply look old.

Seraphine is a very affable personality, able to converse easily with beggar and noble alike. Her caring attitude and genuine interest allows people to open up to her. She likes nothing more than spending an afternoon having tea and talking, though she politely and deftly deflects any queries about her past, preferring to listen, rather than talk.

Seraphine Wintersun

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