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  • Ioun

    Ioun is the god of knowledge, truth, and history. Sages, scholars, and tacticians revere him, as do all who live by their knowledge and mental power. Ioun is the patron of study, history and lore. Libraries and museums are sacred places to the faith. …

  • Hand of Truth

    A knightly order dedicated to the worship of [[Ioun]]. Founded in the [[The Seven Towers | war to unite Setour]] under a single reign, it's role was to record the war and protect the heritage of each of the provinces. Known for their silent, swift-moving …

  • The Three

    Avandra, Melora and Ravana (the Raven Queen) are often represented as a trio, especially in the combined traditions of the [[Idrin]], [[Eladrin]] and [[Aveldrin]] that makes up the mythology of [[Tir'Heth]]. They are a deified coven who weave the strands …

  • Fianna Ioun

    Fianna Ioun is an ancient monastic order charged with the preservation of powerful magic weapons. The order's traditional home is the monastery Emain Macha, hidden in the highlands of [[Ausiel]]. The recent [[Demon War of Setour|war]] has driven Fianna …

  • Erathis

    Erathis is the patron deity of [[Setour]], many claiming that it was by her intervention that the wilderness was pushed back and the disparate provinces were forged into a united country.

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